Successful First Women’s Class At Artemis BJJ

Stupendous turn-out at the first Artemis BJJ women’s class! Thanks to everyone who came down. Of the ten women attending (one of whom is behind the camera in the above picture), seven had never been to a BJJ class before: we hope your first experience of BJJ was a good one. 🙂

Everyone picked up the technique really well and seemed to be having a great time,  enthusiastically jumping into some specific sparring at the end. Hopefully we’ll see you all again next week, with some new faces joining too!

Full details of the class can be found here: it’s on every Wednesday at Bristol Sports Centre from 18:30-19:30, completely free. You could also read the press release, shared by our friends over at Bristol SportWatch.

Finally, if you’d like a refresher on what was taught yesterday, there is a full write-up of the class on Can’s blog as usual, here.