Artemis BJJ Bergen Camp


Our first Artemis BJJ Bergen Camp will take place from the 10th to the 12th May 2024, at Bergen Grappling in Norway. For info about getting around Bergen, where to eat, finding the venue, etc, scroll down.

There are two rates (please note, both of them are non-refundable). For only the weekend, the standard ticket is £75, while the full Long Weekend price for all three days is just £85. There will be at least 15hrs of training in total, across Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with both classes and open mat time. Planned social activities and optional excursions will also be available. If you would like to book your spot, contact

Instructors for this camp are Knut Wake (veteran instructor at Bergen Grappling), Laura Rättyä (a frequent teacher at BJJ Globetrotter Camps), Maaria Haltsonen (another fabulous Finn, who often teaches with Laura), Miikka Niemelin (a 10th Planet black belt from Finland), Can Sönmez (head coach at Artemis BJJ), Anne Lene Andersen (from GFTeam Norway) and Barbara Ruiken (another member of the awesome coaching squad at Bergen Grappling).


Tickets for our camps are non-refundable as the proceeds are used to pay for the venue and the instructors. However, you can of course sell that ticket on if it turns out you can no longer make an event. Please follow the Artemis BJJ Facebook page if you would like to stay updated on future camps. For footage of previous camps, head over to Instagram.


FRIDAY 10th MAY 2024

13:30-13:45 Open Mat
13:45-14:45 Can Sönmez
14:45-15:00 Open Mat
15:00-16:00 Anne Lene Andersen
16:00-16:30 Open Mat

SATURDAY 11th MAY 2024:

10:00-10:15 Open Mat
10:15-11:15 Can Sönmez
11:15-11:30 Open Mat
11:30-12:30 Laura Rättyä
12:30-13:30 Open Mat/Lunch
13:30-14:30 Knut Wake
14:30-14:45 Open Mat
14:45-15:45 Maaria Haltsonen
15:45-16:00 Open Mat

16:30-17:30 Trauma informed coaching, with Laurien

18:30-00:00 Eurovision Viewing Party!

SUNDAY 12th MAY 2024

10:00-10:15 Open Mat
10:15-11:15 Maaria Haltsonen
11:15-11:30 Open Mat
11:30-12:30 Can Sönmez
12:30-13:30 Open Mat/Lunch
13:30-14:30 Miikka Niemelin
14:30-14:45 Open Mat
14:45-15:45 Barbara Ruiken
15:45-16:00 Open Mat


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Knut’s Comprehensive Bergen Tips

The very awesome Knut (long time Artemis BJJ Camp instructor, who also teaches at the camp venue, Bergen Grappling) has a comprehensive list of tips about Bergen. Thanks Knut!


The gym is located in the city center, vis-á-vis Bergen Storsenter shopping center. Address is Vestre Strømgaten 1, 3rd floor (unless you count from Ground floor in which it’s 2nd floor). Anyways, two flights of stairs up. Or is it four if you count the landings. Just continue the stairs until it says Bergen Grappling on a door.

Yes, the gym has showers. We like to use them after class.



Easiest way to get to town from the airport is by the intercity light rail (roughly 50 minutes). The company and thus the app too, is called Skyss. A single ticket is 44 NOK, 24h ticket is 110 NOK and a 7-day pass is 250 NOK.

The stop closest to the gym is the second last called Nonnesæter. Should you sleep through and miss it, it’s only a 5 minute walk back. When you depart at Nonnesæter, keep the railway station to your back, walk past the shopping center and library, cross the busy street and you’re almost there.

There is an option of airport shuttle bus which takes way shorter, about 20-25 minutes. It’s also slightly more expensive since it’s not part of the Skyss program. You can buy tickets at


Easiest transport in Bergen is walking, especially if you’re located in the city center. It’s also time consuming. So there’s rental bikes and scooters for convenience. There are several brands, most are international, just download the appropriate app. 

The public transport is very available through the app Skyss and covers buses, intercity light rail and also some of the closer ferries. The app also works quite well with regards to suggestions of routes based on either map or address.

If you don’t like apps, you can pay either on the bus (not really recommended), at the end stop of the inter city rail, by SMS or at the bus station (Bystasjonen/Bergen Storsenter). Best option would probably be getting a week pass, disclaimer I haven’t done the math.

Remember, while transporting, the locals frighten easily, be very cautious when approaching.


High end and expensive

Lysverket; 1877; Colonialen

Mid range

Hoggorm pizza; Bien Centro, Italian; Royal burger; Hekkan, burger; Plassen

Banzha, Chinese (recommended by my brother)

Kogi, Korean bbq, also recommended by my brother

More affordable

Pasta sentral; Pingvinen (highly recommended), local food; Trekroneren (highly recommended. Hotdogs, nothing fancy, but great sausages, and do get the glass of saft)

Inside Burger; Sabrura, sushi buffet

Ice cream



Apollon (great tap rotation, personal favourite)

Henrik (huge tap selection); Altona (hotel restaurant and wine bar); Dråpen (wine bar); No Stress (mixed drinks); Kråken (metal AF)

Coffee and baked goods


Blom; Kaffemisjonene; Bergen Kaffebrenneri, local roaster


Godt Brød, best bakery and good coffee; Baker Brun, good bakery and old school coffee

Kanelsnurren, same as Baker Brun, just originally from Stavanger; Dromedar, coffeey; Pygmalion, food and coffee/tea


The easiest one is Fløien, starting in the city center. Can either be walked up or grab a funicular. If you’re one of those fitness people who likes to sweat (ew…) I’d recommend starting out with Stolzekleiven. 

The tallest one is Ulriken, which can also be hiked up, or you can grab a cable car. The restaurant at the top here is quite good and the view is great if the weather is nice. You can walk from Ulriken to Fløien,  which takes around 8 hours if you drink 10 bottles of beer on the way, around 4 hours if sober.

The best mountains are Damsgårdsfjellet, Gravdalsfjellet, Løvstakken and Lyderhorn. We’ll either take you there or we can give you directions, if wanted. They are all a lot less touristy and traveled than Fløien and Ulriken, and the views are just as good, if not better.


There are several good museums to grab. 

Kode is the art museum.

The University Museum is a natural history museum, just recently reopened after remodeling. Highly recommended. 

Trollhaugen is a short bus ride away and is the home of Edvard Grieg. If you don’t recognize the name, you still know his music

The Lepra Museum if you want to know more about leprosy and patient injury compensation.

The Theta Museum is one I haven’t been to myself, but would love to. It’s a small one about an illegal radio operation during WW2.

Bergen Technical Museum for, well, you know, technical stuff. Lots of cool things to see.

The Aquarium for animals. It’s very good for, as the name implies, marine life, but also has a decent reptile enclosure. A bit expensive, but we should be able to organize a discount if we go as a group.

Other stuff

Saunas by the fjord 

Heit (often fully booked)

Laugaren (more availability)

Regular gym for a work out 

Sammen City has dropin for 90 kr

Nordnes sjøbad is an adorable outdoor heated saltwater pool


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