Code of Conduct

Every member is expected to follow the club code of conduct:

1. Keep your training partners safe: not hurting them is far more important than getting a submission. Apply submissions slowly, stay controlled at all times, and if for some reason they won’t tap, let go
2. Always wear a clean gi and maintain good personal hygiene
3. No shoes on the mat, always wear shoes off the mat
4. Keep your nails short, or you will end up scratching your training partners
5. No sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic etc language or behaviour
6. Remove piercings and jewellery
7. No wandering around topless, please go to the changing room to get changed
8. No romantic or sexual advances of any kind on the mat. Flirting and triangles do not mix
9. Do not train when you have an infectious disease, your training partners do not want to get sick

If you see any inappropriate or dangerous behaviour, please report it to an instructor or to Can directly.

Bristol BJJ