New Venue & Timetable | Local Competition 15th June

BJJ Bristol Artemis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Instructors Can & DonalIn an exciting move for Artemis BJJ, we’re shifting our second location from Longwell Green to the Impact Gym. That means we can expand our timetable, adding on a no gi class for Saturday. The full schedule is up on the Classes page.

Impact Gym is easy to reach. If you’re on a bike, it’s right off the cycle path, by the Acacia Road exit. By bus, the number 6 will take you there from the centre. There’s a map over on the Locations page, which we’ll be updating with further directions and details on parking.

As you can see from the Classes page, back at Bristol Sports Centre we’re also going to be bringing in a women’s class on Wednesdays, starting 30th July (having done a successful test a little while ago). That will be free for a month: we’ll be putting up more info closer to the time.

Finally, for those of you looking to compete, there’s a local option on Sunday 15th June at Bristol Dojo. Competing isn’t essential in your BJJ journey, but it is worth trying at least once to see if you enjoy it. If you are planning on entering (you can register here for a tenner: the price goes up a bit after the 8th June), let us know and we can help you prepare.

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