BJJ Classes

BJJ classes at Artemis BJJ are suitable for everybody, no matter your experience level. Complete beginners are very welcome! Your first week is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

We have two locations in Bristol. Our main gym is in the centre of town by the Lawrence Hill roundabout (7 Easton Road, BS5 0BY), with another in Clifton on Whiteladies Road at The Exercise Club.

See our Locations page for exact directions and how to gain entrance. The below timetable is kept up to date, but please check our Facebook page before you head to training, in case of short notice changes on the day. Every weekday, a post appears on that Facebook page, so any adjustments to class will be noted.


Artemis BJJ (Central)

06:00-07:00 (Gi – All Levels) [Booking Required]
07:00-18:30 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])
18:30-19:30 (Advanced Workshop [Blue Belt+ Only])
19:30-20:30 (BJJ for Beginners)
20:30-22:00 (Open Mat)

12:30-13:15 (Gi – All Levels)
13:15-19:00 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])
19:00-20:00 (No Gi)
20:00-22:00 (Open Mat)

14:00-18:30 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])
18:30-19:30 (Women Only BJJ) 
19:30-20:30 (Gi – All Levels)
20:30-22:30 (Open Mat)

12:30-13:15 (Gi – All Levels)
13:15-19:00 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])
19:00-20:00 (Takedowns)
20:00-22:00 (Open Mat)

07:00-08:00 (Gi – All Levels) [Booking Required]
08:00-12:30 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])
12:30-13:15 (Gi – All Levels)
13:15-22:30 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])

12:00-18:30 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])

10:30-11:00 (Kids Class, 4-10yrs)
11:00-11:45 (Teen Class, 11-15yrs)

11:45-13:00 (Open Mat [By Appointment, Members Only])

The Exercise Club (Artemis BJJ Clifton)

20:00-21:00 (Gi – All Levels)
21:00-21:30 (Open Mat)

18:30-19:30 (Gi – All Levels) [Booking Required]

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The Elephant House (Bedminster)

19:30-20:30 (Women’s Ground Skills: No Gis Required/Ground For Growth)

Knowle Healthy Living Centre

19:30-20:30 (Women’s Ground Skills: No Gis Required/Ground For Growth) Dance Studio

Our classes in Knowle and Bedminster are for both beginners as well as women who train already. It is designed to work on timing, placement, focus, body awareness, mindfulness, movement and resilience.

To book a class at Knowle or Bedminster, contact Adrienne on 07962 914 002. There is more information on her website, here. These sessions are included in your Artemis BJJ membership , or for non-members, £3 a class.

Finding Our BJJ Classes

For full details on how to reach our classes, head over to the locations page of the Artemis BJJ website. That will provide you with both directions and a map. If you’re still having trouble finding us, please feel free to email, You can also call on 07740 197 319, or send a message to our regularly updated Facebook page.

If you’d like more information about Brazilian jiu jitsu, what to wear to your first class, how much we charge and other common questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section. We look forward to welcoming you onto the mats soon!

BJJ Classes Glossary

^Gi: This denotes a structured class in which a gi is worn (a thickly woven jacket and trousers held closed by a belt, used by various martial arts). This means that some techniques will rely on gripping the jacket and/or trousers. The class will begin with a warm-up, then technique and drilling. That is followed by specific sparring, free sparring, a review of the technique/s taught, then finally stretching out. For more information about buying a gi and class format, take a look at our FAQ.

^Gi – All Levels: These classes generally focus on simpler techniques, but all experience levels are welcome.

^Intermediate BJJ: This means the techniques taught may be slightly more complicated than in the other classes, so it is best to have some experience (e.g., a few months of BJJ). Beginners are welcome to attend intermediate classes, but be aware there may be an expectation of prior knowledge. You are also expected to wear a gi.

^No Gi: This denotes a structured class in which a gi is not worn. That means that there is no gripping of material (i.e., rather than grabbing a collar, you would clinch behind the neck, or grip a wrist instead of a sleeve). Other than that, the format of the class is similar to the gi classes.

^Open Mat: This is unstructured training, which means you can arrive and leave whenever you want during the allocated open mat time. There is no formal teaching during open mat (though you’re welcome to ask other people for help), so you are able to spar, drill particular techniques you want to work on, or indeed just chat if you want to socialise. Of course, you will be expected to do at least some training. 😉

^ Workshop: A higher belt will be on hand to answer your technical questions, so that you can both get pointers on what you’ve learned in class, as well as practice new material.

^Women Only: This class is the same as the gi class, except that it is restricted to female students (though the instructor may be a man). For more information, go to the dedicated Women’s Class page.

For a glossary of BJJ terms in general, click here.

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