Coronavirus/COVID-19 Training Restrictions

All our instructors are either already vaccinated against covid, or will be getting the vaccine when offered. In order to welcome you back to the mats (note our updated class timetable), we’re taking a number of precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic (based on a thorough risk assessment):

1. In order to train, you will require either a grappling dummy (see instructions and video for making one at home below, it takes less than 5 mins), or a member of your household.

2. Our newly installed ventilation system at our Central venue can handle airflow for up to twenty people. Coupled with social distancing requirements, that means you must pre-book by emailing

Note that our Clifton location is smaller, meaning class size is especially limited.

3. You will need to arrive at the gym already dressed for training, as changing rooms will be off-limits for the time being.

4. Social distancing must be maintained at all times, staying 2m away from everybody else.

5. Before entering the building, we will conduct temperature checks (37.5°C is the cut-off) and apply hand sanitiser

6. Before entering the matspace, everybody must wash their hands thoroughly

7. The matspace will be filled up from the furthest end first, leaving from the near end first when class finishes.

Building Your Own Grappling Dummy

All you will need is a large pillow (or two), at least three large towels and a hoody (ideally no zips). If you have a gi jacket and belt, that is best, but you can approximate the grips with a normal jacket or button up shirt (though be aware that less sturdy jackets/shirts may get ripped, so use an old one). The process shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

You will need to take your dummy both to and from training: given the risk of transmission and lack of space, we cannot store dummies at the gym.

If video isn’t loading, click here

General Points

DO NOT TRAIN IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL or showing cold or flu like symptoms: stay away for at least 14 days

DO NOT TRAIN with open cuts, skin abrasions or skin infections

MAKE SURE ALL YOUR TRAINING KIT is thoroughly washed before and after every session (gi, belt, rashguard, shorts, gumshield and any protective wear)

WASH YOUR HANDS (and the rest of you!) thoroughly with soap and water before and after training. Hand sanitiser is not a substitute for washing.

Do not be afraid to tell training partners not to train if you believe they might be at risk

During the pandemic, the class structure has been a little different, due to the necessary safety restrictions.To give you an idea of what to expect, here is an extended 30 minute clip from one of our modified classes:

We are following the UKBJJA guidance on COVID-19. As the situation develops, we will continue to review our policy.

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