Great Artemis BJJ performance at Roll Models

On the 5th July, a team of three competitors headed up to Roll Models in Stoke, supported by Can and Laura. All three did really well, putting their techniques into practice against some tough opposition. Ross was able to win his first match on points, hitting a beautiful ankle grab sweep (which he only learned two weeks ago). He then put up a good fight against the guy who went on to win silver.

Steve also gave a strong showing, dominating his opponent but narrowly missing out on some points. He nearly sunk in a clock choke too. Kirsty did a great job of sticking to her game plan, beaten in a very close first match, but then winning her second, bringing home a bronze medal for the club. Awesome! She’s only been training for three months total, after starting in the women’s class.

Well done to all three of you: video is in the works, so we’ll have lots to study and refine before the next competition in Hereford (check the Competitions list for info on upcoming tournaments). Roll Models was impressively organised, with a decent venue, laid-back atmosphere and friendly refs. Best of all, Roll Models offered free entry to women. We certainly plan to be at the next one!

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