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Four wins for Artemis BJJ at the Hereford Open

Artemis BJJ students Oscar and Sam L have been training six months and three months respectively. Nevertheless, Oscar managed to win three of his five matches in the -76kg category at April’s edition of the Hereford Open. Even more impressive, he won all of them by submission.

Sam also landed a win. Amazingly, he racked up almost twenty points in a minute to come from behind, competing a weight division higher than he expected. We look forward to seeing both of them continue to test their skills on the competition mats. Well done guys!

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As ever, we got video of almost all the Artemis BJJ fights, so have lots of material to work with for future competitions. Remember to check out the competition page for upcoming tournaments, along with a summary of the typical rule set for BJJ comps.

Four medals for Artemis BJJ at the Bristol Open

Artemis BJJ silver medal for Sam and bronze medal for Ross at Bristol Open Feb 2016

Well done to all the Artemis BJJ students who took part in the Bristol Open last weekend! Sam had four hard-fought fights to take silver in the featherweight white belt division, while Ross earned a bronze in the same category. Simon L claimed gold in the superheavy white belts, particularly impressive considering he only decided to enter a few days ago!

In the blue belts, Paul managed a bronze medal after a tough match in his category. Of course, it isn’t all about medals: competition is great training tool, so whether you get something shiny around your neck or not, the main thing is testing out your game against full resistance. That can then hopefully help you progress your technique and fill in some holes.

Congrats to everybody! There is video of almost all the Artemis BJJ fights, so if you competed but haven’t had the link sent to you already, get in touch. For future comps, remember to check out competition page.

Artemis BJJ gold medal for Simon at Bristol Open Feb 2016

Great Artemis BJJ performance at Roll Models

On the 5th July, a team of three competitors headed up to Roll Models in Stoke, supported by Can and Laura. All three did really well, putting their techniques into practice against some tough opposition. Ross was able to win his first match on points, hitting a beautiful ankle grab sweep (which he only learned two weeks ago). He then put up a good fight against the guy who went on to win silver.

Steve also gave a strong showing, dominating his opponent but narrowly missing out on some points. He nearly sunk in a clock choke too. Kirsty did a great job of sticking to her game plan, beaten in a very close first match, but then winning her second, bringing home a bronze medal for the club. Awesome! She’s only been training for three months total, after starting in the women’s class.

Well done to all three of you: video is in the works, so we’ll have lots to study and refine before the next competition in Hereford (check the Competitions list for info on upcoming tournaments). Roll Models was impressively organised, with a decent venue, laid-back atmosphere and friendly refs. Best of all, Roll Models offered free entry to women. We certainly plan to be at the next one!

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