Position of the Month: Side Control

BJJ Bristol Artemis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Side Control

Returning to our first ever position of the month, Artemis BJJ will be exploring side control over October.  BJJ terminology is not standardised, so this position has a few other names. The most common alternatives are ‘side mount’ and ‘cross side’: for a listing of some others, take a look at Can’s BJJ glossary.

In jiu jitsu, you will find that – especially early on – you will spend a lot of time trying to escape from under side control, so it’s an essential skill to develop. We’ll be looking at some key escapes for the next fortnight.

Maintaining the position is also important. Side control tends to be the preferred top position for beginners, as it is initially easier to hold than mount (though as you’ll discover in the coming months, mount is just as powerful, if not more so. However, the nuances of holding mount can be a bit tricky when you’re starting out).

We will of course also be investigating a few attacks from side control as well. Once you can maintain side control, it becomes a great platform from which to launch your offence.

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