Expanding Timetable: New Open Mat on Wednesday & NoGi on Friday

In exciting news, we’ve been able to add a number of new classes to the schedule, especially Wednesday. That will now have an open mat from 17:55-18:25, before the women’s class. Even more opportunity to drill and spar! 🙂

On Friday’s we’re testing the waters for nogi. Rich is heading up a short nogi session from 18:00-18:30, which has been going well so far. If those numbers continue to build, we can hopefully add a full hour of nogi, either on Monday or possibly on Wednesday. Updates will be posted on here, so keep an eye on the class schedule.

Finally, Chris is going to be leading a special kettlebells for BJJ class on Tuesdays from 12:00-13:00, right before the daytime open mat from 13:00-14:00. That will be separate from the Artemis BJJ membership, but your first kettlebells session is free. If you enjoy that, you can then sign up to Strength Lab for unlimited sessions.

Both Can and Chris train with Strength Lab, so can recommend it if you’re looking to work on your strength and conditioning. Check their Facebook for more info.

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