Can BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu JitsuCan (pronounced ‘Jun’) has been training in martial arts since 1994, starting BJJ in 2006 at the Roger Gracie Academy. He first became a BJJ instructor in 2011 and is currently a brown belt under Kev Capel (a Roger Gracie black belt), as well as a qualified First Aider.

Drawing on his academic background, Can takes a learning-focused approach to BJJ. He strongly believes in delivering lessons paced to ensure everyone can become confident before they move on. To assist students, everything is written up in full on his website, providing detailed reference material.

Can is also a well-known journalist and blogger in the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, writing regularly for Jiu Jitsu Style, Matside and GroundWork, as well as running his popular BJJ resources website,

Can is particularly proud of his charity work: his GrappleThon events have raised thousands of pounds for good causes, something he has sought to expand via That website has since helped others to pursue their own charitable efforts, such as the $10,000 raised by the Washington, DC based BETA Academy in 2014.

Paul BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (small)Paul has been training in BJJ since January 2013 and is currently a purple belt, presented by Kev Capel and Can. He is the BJJ instructor for the Tuesday intermediate class at Artemis BJJ, as well as heading up the kids BJJ team, leading sessions for 4-10 year olds. Paul has previously taught martial arts to kids at Hawk’s Gym in Easton: he also covers adult classes at Artemis BJJ when Can is away.

During the week, Paul works at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre as a medical physicist. Paul is a talented artist: you can check out some of his beautiful artwork on his KASENartworks page, here. Paul has two children of his own, who he hopes will be joining his classes at Artemis BJJ!

Lisa BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ womens classLisa began training BJJ in 2012 and was awarded her blue belt by Lucio “Lagarto” Rodrigues in 2014. After starting off with no confidence, poor concentration, and a lack of coordination and balance, Lisa has come a long way from someone who couldn’t even do a forward roll, and now likes to help others improve themselves using her own understanding and experiences.

Previously, Lisa has been a BJJ instructor for children, as well as a judo teacher: she now runs the women’s class at Artemis BJJ. She also covers other BJJ classes when Can is away. Lisa is qualified as a massage therapist, specialising in sports massage and relaxation massages. She provides treatments at BJJ events including Polaris, GrappleThons and jiu jitsu competitions.


Matt J BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu JitsuMatt J first stepped on the mats back in 2007. He trained for two years before emigrating to America with his family. Although he later returned to England, he did not return to jiu jitsu for many years,  believing that it was primarily for athletically gifted people.

In 2014, he decided to try again, seeking a less competitive environment for training. He found it at Artemis BJJ, as one of our first students. Matt has trained diligently ever since, earning his well deserved blue belt from Kev Capel and Can. Matt is the BJJ instructor for our Friday intermediate class, as well as covering classes when other instructors are away. His other love is film, which he devours in all forms. Matt has also written two feature screenplays.

Kirsty W BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BristolKirsty began training BJJ in 2013. She was one of the original Artemis BJJ women’s class students, starting with us back in 2015 when Can was still teaching the women’s class. Before that, Kirsty had already been training in grappling for some time, attending sessions of both aikido and BJJ. She is currently a blue belt under Can. Kirsty is the BJJ instructor for our fundamentals class, as well as overseeing the Wednesday morning open mat and covering the women’s class when Lisa is away (along with providing cover for other classes).

Outside of BJJ, Kirsty is a skilled musician, playing alto sax and vocals in her band. She also has a degree in Engineering, leading to her current profession as a mechanical design engineer.

Chris BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu JitsuChris started his BJJ journey around 2005, having dabbled in judo and kung fu before university: he is currently a purple belt under Kev and Can.  After seeing the UFC while an undergraduate, he moved into MMA and then sought out BJJ coaches. He was one of the first students at Artemis BJJ, signing up within our initial months of operation.

Technical and dedicated to detail, Chris is also a qualified Strong First kettlebell instructor.  He is the BJJ instructor for the intermediate class on Thursdays, as well as teaching a strength and conditioning session beforehand. Chris holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Bristol, working as a programmer for PlayStation when he’s off the mats.

Rich BJJ instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (small)Rich began training BJJ in 2012. He is currently a purple belt, presented by Kev Capel and Can. A keen yoga enthusiast, Rich is a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

He is also the head coach for the Bath Spa University American Football team and works as a Learning and Development Facilitator. Away from the mat, Rich is a family man and spends his time with his wonderful wife Julie and his gorgeous little lady, Lilly. After an almost two year injury sabbatical, Rich returned to the mats at the beginning of 2016. He is the BJJ instructor for our nogi classes on Sundays from 11:00-12:00, as well as covering classes when Can is away.


Artemis BJJ instructor kids class Brazilian jiu jitsu Bristol instructors photoTracey has been training at Artemis BJJ since 2014, where she is currently a blue belt. She was one of the original women’s class students, having been involved since the beginning. Tracey assists with teaching the kids class, which her younger son attends, and is the BJJ instructor for kids when Paul is away. She is also our Child Protection Officer.

A keen artist, she is building a reputation with her tacerob brand, focusing on grappling illustrations. She is a sponsor and core fundraiser at the annual Artemis BJJ GrappleThons. Tracey is also involved with Adaptive Martial Arts, an organisation which helps injured and disabled people to train BJJ.

Marcus instructor pic Artemis BJJ Bristol Brazilian Jiu JitsuMarcus began judo as a child, redoubling his efforts in 2013 at university. He was captain of the University of Bristol Judo Club from 2015-2016, earning his judo black belt in September 2016. He has received qualifications in teaching judo, as well as a BJJ blue belt from Can and Kev, plus First Aid training.

Marcus teaches our Judo for BJJ classes on Wednesdays, bringing his wealth of experience to the mats. Outside of BJJ, Marcus is a fanatical UFC fan, a bass guitar player, plus he occasionally performs stand-up comedy around Bristol. He also has amassed a collection of over seventy snowglobes: we’re not quite sure why, so you would have to ask Marcus. 😉

Photo credits: Lisa Chappell, Tracey Robinson

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