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Artemis BJJ visit to the 2016 Leuven BJJ Globetrotters Camp


Ben, Simon, Can and Oscar had a great time at the BJJ Globetrotters Camp in Leuven last week. It was six full days of training (09:00-19:30), coupled with lots of socialising, networking and extra-curricular activities. For Can, that was going to the excellent art galleries in Leuven to enjoy some high quality Flemish art, mainly from the 15th and 16th century. For Oscar, that was sleeping in bushes. To each their own. 😛

We’re hoping to bring an even bigger team out to Belgium next year, so please let Can know if you’re interested in coming to future BJJ Globetrotter camps. Can will be bringing many of the techniques he learned back to Bristol, as there will be a heavy BJJ Globetrotters influence on classes for the next few months. Of course, you don’t have to wait until next June to go on a BJJ Globetrotters camp: they run throughout the year. There is one in a few weeks in Bournemouth (sold out, but keep it in mind for next year), followed by Copenhagen (possibly still has places: Kirsty will be going), then various other camps around the world. There are even luxury camps in the Caribbean, if your budget stretches that far.

Thanks again to all the awesome instructors, who taught us so much excellent stuff over that week. Thanks also to Vara, who was the woman in charge: that picture is one of the many she took. Without Vara, there would be no BJJ Globetrotter camp. Can will also have a full write-up on slideyfoot.com at some point: individual write-ups for each of the classes he attended will be here.