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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at (for our children’s program, you can get in touch directly at, or you can also call on 07740 197 319. To give you an idea of what a typical session at our school is like, on this page you can find BJJ videos of the techniques taught in our classes. You can also watch footage of a complete class over on our Facebook page.

We upload video of our BJJ classes every week, as Can films all of his techniques. Keep up to date by subscribing to our Facebook page, or if you prefer, Instagram. Can also writes up every class on his website,

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Drills BJJ Videos

Warm Up

Shrimping & Solo Drills

Open Guard Drills


The rest of the videos below are divided by position.  Each month, we cycle through a different BJJ position, with the aim of covering how to attack, maintain and escape from each of them. The six main positions are side control, mount, the back, open guard, closed guard and half guard (each of which has subpositions; for example, north-south is a subposition of side control).

Side Control BJJ Videos

One of the most dominant positions in BJJ, where you are on top and perpendicular to your opponent. This tends to be the easiest top position to maintain, meaning conversely it is tough to escape.


BJJ Videos


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Guard Recovery

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Turn to Knees


Basic Maintaining


BJJ Videos

Straight ArmbarBJJ Videos


Kimura from North-South

Kimura Hug

Open Guard BJJ Videos

Open guard is the most complex category of the six positions, as unlike all the others, you are not necessarily connected to your opponent. That leads to a huge variety of sub positions, where the only common factor is that your partner has not yet managed to fully move past your legs



Tripod Sweep

Sickle Sweep

Single Leg Sweep

Loop Choke


Over-Under Pass

Knee Cut Pass

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